Thursday, November 17, 2016

Want To Know Why We're So Fat?

I think by now, we've all noticed that obesity is a HUGE problem -- not just in this country but world wide. It's pretty safe to say that the percentage of us that are overweight -- VERY overweight -- has been rising annually. I confess, I am overweight and I could consider myself very close to morbidly obese, I am at least one hundred pounds over my goal weight. And I accept responsibility for my actions. My weight.


Let's face it, it is not easy in this day and age to do much about that. There are so many triggers out there setting us up to fail. Yes, I know to cut down on my food intake. Get up off my fat ass and get exercise. And then...

Have you watched television lately? Do you know that at least half of the commercials on TV are food commercials. Cheeseburger restaurants hawking their wares with super sexy, half dressed and buxom women. Fried chicken restaurants with a gimmick, a different actor playing the spokesman. Bottomless containers of french fries, unending buffets at discount prices. Eat eat eat. All day. And the commercials all glitzy and glamorous, exhorting all of us to get that bang for the buck.

And when you go to those restaurants, it's all about bigger plates of food for a cheaper price. Unlimited fries with your burger. And the burgers are nothing but fat and calories and sodium. Eat eat eat!

And to make it most especially hard, let's talk money. A box lunch of two pieces of fattening fried chicken, a side of carbs, a biscuit (more carbs), and  a sugary carbonated drink -- $5.00. A super healthy salad with lean protein, lots of dark greens, a low fat vinaigrette, and a good glass of water or unsweetened iced tea -- $13 easy. Let's hear it for the dollar menu -- burgers, fries, soda, ice cream. Salad? Double that. It's ridiculous.

That's just at the fast food and sit down places. I went to the grocery store today. Buying for two weeks. Lots of lettuce, napa cabbage, raw veggies, lean chicken breasts, steal cut oats and fresh fruit, eggs to boil. All of the goodies for a low fast, high fiber, high protein, solid good diet to help me start losing weight again. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT DOLLARS! When I could have spent a third of that for two weeks on potatoes and chicken quarters and spaghetti and you name it. A starchy diet that would have been cheap and filling, but not good at all.

And you wonder why we have an obesity problem?

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Is Common Courtesy Going the Way of the Dodo in Politics?

I'm old enough to remember a time when political opponents knew how to act during debates. It was professional and they acted with decorum. With taste. The office of President meant something.

So, what happened?

Donald Trump has made so many misogynistic, racist comments, that we've all lost count. He managed his campaign the way he has managed his reality TV show. The more dirt, the better. The more outrageous, the more we watched. Even the media thought he was funny and didn't take him seriously. But the voters did. They still do. And even though he has managed to show his ass so many times, each time the more ridiculous, they love him. Why?

Hillary Clinton has been branded a liar and a criminal because of the Whitewater investigation, and the recent email issue. She has been blamed for the Benghazi attack on our embassy. However, Republican led investigators have cleared her each time and there is nothing anywhere to prove otherwise. While she's not exactly innocent or perfect, she still has conducted her campaign with decorum and taste, sticking to the issues and stating her policies quite succinctly. And yet, she is continually vilified. Why?

What has happened to us? While it would be easy to blame this on Trump or Clinton or the media, the truth of the matter is we are the problem. The salacious, the prurient details and we eat them up. Trump has more than proven that he has no business running for the office of President, let alone being elected. Clinton is more than qualified but has that air of entitlement that makes her seem as if she thinks she's above the law. Neither one has the trust of the American people and yet, they're all we have -- and if you think the two independent candidates are going to spoil this, please. Both of them want you to think they're excellent alternatives when they're just Trump Lite. Not to mention the fact that if you think Trump is an outsider and totally ill prepared for the job, these two make him look like a seasoned veteran.

No, this is our fault. We have solicited this behavior, rewarded it with howls of laughter and words of encouragement. The more outrageous Donald's statements and lies are, the more we encourage him to make them. We have thrived on this bad behavior. And it doesn't matter, does it. We've already had a Teflon President (Reagan), a Teflon Don (Gotti), why not the Teflon Candidate.

But do we really want him in office? And is this the wave of our political future? Is this the candidate that we want? Are we eschewing the class, professionalism, and taste of previous candidates for the bare knuckle fighting of a man who insults women and minorities for "entertainment" value?

Is common courtesy going the way of the dodo?  I hope not. It's not a world or a country that I want to live in.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

The State of the...

I have come to the conclusion that neither candidate in this upcoming Presidential race is worthy of being elected into office. I never thought I'd get to that point where I would have absolutely no faith in the party of my choice, but I have. I don't believe either candidate -- in what they do or say. And I don't believe either candidate is capable of running this country.

Donald Trump seems to think this election is s a reality TV show. His idea of debate is calling people names and acting in one of the most childish manners possible. He calls for violence at his rallies - calling for dissenters to be beaten and booted out. Proclaiming how he wanted to punch speaks at the Democratic National Convention because they spoke out against him. He thinks women should be barefoot and pregnant at home. And the supremacy of men. He speaks with racist beliefs and attracts racists and thugs. And will not speak against the ideology. He is hot tempered and impetuous. He has no regard for the truth or facts, speaking whatever he is thinking at the moment and then refusing to acknowledge that he might have been mistaken. Or claiming he never said that to begin with.

Hillary Clinton -- no one has ever been able to prove the accusations made against her. No court has ever brought her to trial except one and she and her husband were found Not Guilty and in no way part of the issue. And yet, there is something about her that just screams self-interest. I do believe she cares about children and women, about civil rights. But she's too busy buddying up to the special interests, taking their money, and she says what she thinks people want to hear. She is just as guilty of pandering to those special interests as Trump is. She's too busy with party politics as usual. Another politician that cares more about the party line, about the power, than the people. The only reason she started calling herself a progressive was because Bernie Sanders is. I don't believe her, I don't trust her, and nothing she's done yet makes me want to change my mind.

I cannot trust either candidate, I don't believe that either one is fit for the job, and I am going to refuse, this election, to pick the lesser of two evils. Which leaves me with two choices. Well, three but, I'm only going to pursue two at this point. I can write in the candidate I feel is best qualified and best serves the interests of the American people. OR I can pursue another political party all together. And since I have time to research, I think I am going to pick that choice for now. For now.

I think I'm going to research the Libertarian Party. See what they have to say. Who they are. See what their platform is and then look at the candidates running. If they meet my standards, if they sound like a viable option, then they'll have my vote. IF they meet my standards. IF they can prove to me that the people come first, not the fecking party.

Welcome to my journey.

What Am I Doing?

I started this blog some time ago, to chronicle my weight loss and self improvement program. Then, of course, life got in the way. I got busy. I'm still losing weight and I'm still working out. But I stopped blogging because of loss of time or loss of interest (mine, not any readers'). Or just lost of anything to say.

Then I realized that my life is a lot more complicated than that. I have so much more to say. Observations in the Key of Life. I am in a position to observe. And so I shall.

The purpose of a blog is to be more of a journal. I may not always know my ass from my elbow but damn it, I have a voice. And if it helps me understand this world, this population, this society, this life, then I have the right and the responsibility to put it out there. To figure it out.

Welcome back.

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Small Milestone But a Big Step

I had to come here and brag. Seriously. I did something today that I haven't done in about a year. When I was working out hard and heavy BC (Before Cabaret, when rehearsals were every night and I didn't have the time and just fell out of the habit). What did I do, you ask?

I ran down a flight of steps.

I know, that doesn't sound like much but to me, that is huge.With my bad knees and no stamina, walking down a flight of steps was hard enough. Run? No. The pain was too much. I leaned on the rail to make it down, one painful step at a time. And felt my knees trying to bend backwards, my hips in mortal agony.

But I've been on the bike hard and heavy for the last three weeks. I've started more aerobic exercises along with my core exercises. Walking fast and more. Working on the muscle tone again. And I had a hand on the stair rail just to keep my balance and I ran down the steps. No pain and only a little stiff.

No, I'm not up to running on the street yet. But I ran down those steps, pretty as you please. I am so elated; you can't possibly know the joy I feel right now. And then came home and did my workout, even upped the resistance on the stationary bike two notches.

I'm going to go enjoy my victories now. And trust me when I tell you, that just gave me much more incentive to keep going. Keep adding more resistance and more reps. This time next year, I want to be at least eighty pounds down. I know I can do it now!

Do you have any fitness goals? How's your progress?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Popping Wheelies

Well, as promised -- and only a week later than planned -- I have increased the workout a bit. Building slowly, working on the core.

20 minutes on the stationary bike
3 sets of 15 -- faux medicine ball pass (aka side to side twists with a weight*
1 set of 15 -- crunches
1 set of 15 -- reverse crunches
1 set of 15 -- cobras
1 set -- I don't even know what to call them. it's a yoga pose where you sit cross legged and twist so that you can look over your shoulder for 6 breaths
1 set of 15 -- pelvic lifts (lay on your back with your feet flat and your knees up and lift your butt off the floor, squeezing it and applying tension to your abs)
1 plank of 20 seconds

Wow, that sounds like a lot when I type it out like that. Considering that I'm starting from scratch, that is a lot. My stomach is in a little bit of pain from the overwork -- but it's a good pain and I earned it the hard way, thanks!

The only bad part about this is dealing with the speeding up of my metabolism. Which makes me hungry. I've got to lay in a supply of no starch, now sugar, low calorie snacks to nosh on until this phase goes away. Until things equalize and things settle down inside. I hate that part. I remember going on the South Beach diet for a while and spent the first week wolfing down anything and everything I could get my hands on -- raw celery, tomatoes, cucumbers. My metabolism kicked into overdrive because of the lack of sugar and starch and I stayed hungry. So I ate a lot of raw veggies which helped but didn't really give me a sense of satiety. After a week, things evened out and I was okay again. Losing weight at a better rate of 2 - 3  pounds a week instead of the 20 I lost in those first two weeks.

Of course, I should also mention that the second week of that diet, I walked around with the taste of mac and cheese in my mouth, craving it like you would not believe. I dreamed of mac and cheese. That too lasted for a week, but it damn near killed me.

Ah well. I'll live through this week -- and lay off the caffeine because that will not help in the least -- and be back on track. Getting healthy and fit.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Crave A...

Well, I can't find it now but I found an article online yesterday with this headline -- Seven Foods Not To Eat If You Want To Lose Weight. I read it. And I suppose on one hand, it did make sense. At the same time, however, it got my attention and I sat there thinking, that's just total bullshit. I mean, really. My Mom -- and a long ago family doctor -- taught us that when you crave something it's because your body needs an element that's in that food you crave.

I have a problem with some dietitian telling me that I can't eat pasta or I can't eat fruit. When did this whole issue of eating healthy or losing weight come down to deprivation and having to learn to live without things I love. What nonsense. I'm supposed to learn the right way to eat for my metabolism by giving up butter and potatoes and fruit? That is so totally absurd.

What they should be teaching you is how to listen to your body -- I don't really like diet soda. It's way too sweet and it tastes like the aluminum can it comes in. Even when it comes in a bottle, it tastes like aluminum. I don't like margarine. It's just whipped up oil with artificial flavoring. I don't eat starchy stuff -- corn, potatoes, rice, etc. It makes me feel sludgy and slow. Same thing with fast food. Eat it every day and I feel like I've been weighed down with rocks. When I listen to my body, it says I don't like that stuff. I don't eat it and I feel better and I actually lose weight. I feel better.

What they should be teaching you is a lovely thing called moderation. I have a great book in my collection called The Underburner's Diet by Dr. Barbara Edelstein. She teaches, in the book, that if you flat out deprive yourself of something, you fixate on it. You obsess over it. And eventually, you get the object of your obsession and over eat. Or you eat something else and still over eat. She says, if you crave a cookie, just have the damn cookie. ONE cookie. While it's still just a small craving.

I thought, that just makes too much sense. Moderation in all things. I want a cup of hot chocolate, I have a cup of hot chocolate. I'm craving the hot chocolate because there's something in it that my body needs. So have it. One cup. One small cup. One cookie. One quarter cup of mac and cheese. One. One small serving. You have your desire, you fulfill your craving, and it's over. Moderation.

Why can't someone teach that? Smaller servings allows you to enjoy a few bites of something forbidden and you stay on the culinary lifestyle change -- aka, diet. You're healthier. And get up and move. Go take a long walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Go take a bike ride. If working out at the gym is your thing, go do that. Go play golf. Enjoy your life.

Stop worrying about what you shouldn't have and what you should cut out of your food intake. Have a damn cookie. Enjoy a small amount of potatoes au gratin. Quit obsessing. I'll lose the weight. I'll get healthy. And I'll be happier for it because I didn't have to give up anything.

What are your thoughts?