Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Crave A...

Well, I can't find it now but I found an article online yesterday with this headline -- Seven Foods Not To Eat If You Want To Lose Weight. I read it. And I suppose on one hand, it did make sense. At the same time, however, it got my attention and I sat there thinking, that's just total bullshit. I mean, really. My Mom -- and a long ago family doctor -- taught us that when you crave something it's because your body needs an element that's in that food you crave.

I have a problem with some dietitian telling me that I can't eat pasta or I can't eat fruit. When did this whole issue of eating healthy or losing weight come down to deprivation and having to learn to live without things I love. What nonsense. I'm supposed to learn the right way to eat for my metabolism by giving up butter and potatoes and fruit? That is so totally absurd.

What they should be teaching you is how to listen to your body -- I don't really like diet soda. It's way too sweet and it tastes like the aluminum can it comes in. Even when it comes in a bottle, it tastes like aluminum. I don't like margarine. It's just whipped up oil with artificial flavoring. I don't eat starchy stuff -- corn, potatoes, rice, etc. It makes me feel sludgy and slow. Same thing with fast food. Eat it every day and I feel like I've been weighed down with rocks. When I listen to my body, it says I don't like that stuff. I don't eat it and I feel better and I actually lose weight. I feel better.

What they should be teaching you is a lovely thing called moderation. I have a great book in my collection called The Underburner's Diet by Dr. Barbara Edelstein. She teaches, in the book, that if you flat out deprive yourself of something, you fixate on it. You obsess over it. And eventually, you get the object of your obsession and over eat. Or you eat something else and still over eat. She says, if you crave a cookie, just have the damn cookie. ONE cookie. While it's still just a small craving.

I thought, that just makes too much sense. Moderation in all things. I want a cup of hot chocolate, I have a cup of hot chocolate. I'm craving the hot chocolate because there's something in it that my body needs. So have it. One cup. One small cup. One cookie. One quarter cup of mac and cheese. One. One small serving. You have your desire, you fulfill your craving, and it's over. Moderation.

Why can't someone teach that? Smaller servings allows you to enjoy a few bites of something forbidden and you stay on the culinary lifestyle change -- aka, diet. You're healthier. And get up and move. Go take a long walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Go take a bike ride. If working out at the gym is your thing, go do that. Go play golf. Enjoy your life.

Stop worrying about what you shouldn't have and what you should cut out of your food intake. Have a damn cookie. Enjoy a small amount of potatoes au gratin. Quit obsessing. I'll lose the weight. I'll get healthy. And I'll be happier for it because I didn't have to give up anything.

What are your thoughts?

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