Thursday, November 17, 2016

Want To Know Why We're So Fat?

I think by now, we've all noticed that obesity is a HUGE problem -- not just in this country but world wide. It's pretty safe to say that the percentage of us that are overweight -- VERY overweight -- has been rising annually. I confess, I am overweight and I could consider myself very close to morbidly obese, I am at least one hundred pounds over my goal weight. And I accept responsibility for my actions. My weight.


Let's face it, it is not easy in this day and age to do much about that. There are so many triggers out there setting us up to fail. Yes, I know to cut down on my food intake. Get up off my fat ass and get exercise. And then...

Have you watched television lately? Do you know that at least half of the commercials on TV are food commercials. Cheeseburger restaurants hawking their wares with super sexy, half dressed and buxom women. Fried chicken restaurants with a gimmick, a different actor playing the spokesman. Bottomless containers of french fries, unending buffets at discount prices. Eat eat eat. All day. And the commercials all glitzy and glamorous, exhorting all of us to get that bang for the buck.

And when you go to those restaurants, it's all about bigger plates of food for a cheaper price. Unlimited fries with your burger. And the burgers are nothing but fat and calories and sodium. Eat eat eat!

And to make it most especially hard, let's talk money. A box lunch of two pieces of fattening fried chicken, a side of carbs, a biscuit (more carbs), and  a sugary carbonated drink -- $5.00. A super healthy salad with lean protein, lots of dark greens, a low fat vinaigrette, and a good glass of water or unsweetened iced tea -- $13 easy. Let's hear it for the dollar menu -- burgers, fries, soda, ice cream. Salad? Double that. It's ridiculous.

That's just at the fast food and sit down places. I went to the grocery store today. Buying for two weeks. Lots of lettuce, napa cabbage, raw veggies, lean chicken breasts, steal cut oats and fresh fruit, eggs to boil. All of the goodies for a low fast, high fiber, high protein, solid good diet to help me start losing weight again. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT DOLLARS! When I could have spent a third of that for two weeks on potatoes and chicken quarters and spaghetti and you name it. A starchy diet that would have been cheap and filling, but not good at all.

And you wonder why we have an obesity problem?